On this page I am going to show you how to remove comments from specific post types like pages, posts or attachments individually in WordPress using the Advanced Comments plugin.

Comments > Settings
disable comments

Why to remove comments and the comment form?

WordPress comes with three post types: articles, pages and attachments. While articles are normally written about something that is time related or can be outdated sooner or later (like coding manuals here on wpcomments.com) pages contain information that are kept up to date or don’t get outdated easily, like contact details, a download page or the home page.

If comments are enabled and your theme supports them for every post type, you have to disable them manually when creating a new post. It happened a lot to me that I simply forgot this and later received comments on landing pages where they didn’t make any sense. Having more comment forms also increases the number of spam.

For the reasons given above I disable comments for pages on more than 80% of pages I develop and with Advanced Comments this is finally done with just a simple click.

How to remove comments

Visit the Option Page under Settings > Disable comments

Under this option you find a list of all registered post types. You can disable comments for each of them individually.

Disable comments option

Remove comments on pages

To remove comments from any post type, like articles, pages, attachments (media) or any other that is registered, activate the appropriate checkbox on this setting.

If there are comments made already

If there was already a comment approved for a post of a post type comments will be shown for it (only that page, not all pages of that post type). To not display those comments and the comment form simply delete them.

Potential issues / other solutions

Missing files and function

Since WordPress 3.0.0 (released June 17, 2010) handling comments changed a lot. If your website is older or uses older themes chances are this setting does not work. If your template files (e.g. index.php, single.php or page.php) include the following lines, Advanced Comments will work properly.

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